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Jenny Bourne

Account Director


Past companies/agencies:
KUSI News, Contently

Notable clients:
CodeSignal, Flock Freight, inVia Robotics, MedCrypt, Pacaso, Pivot Bio, UMANA

Jenny is an Account Director at BAM. She is responsible for building media relationships, securing both top-tier and trade coverage for clients, drafting content such as pitches, press releases, social media posts, and event and awards submissions, and executing client campaigns and objectives. Jenny’s experience covers B2B and B2C clients in industries spanning robotics, ML & AI, ag tech, health tech, security, consumer, supply chain & logistics, real estate, sustainability, and human resources.

Before BAM, Jenny worked as a digital content producer for KUSI News, where she was responsible for drafting and posting news content to the station’s website and producing a weekly segment called “San Diego People.” She joined BAM in 2018 as an intern, working to a full-time position on the team.

Favorite industry:

I’m really passionate about sustainability and climate change, and I find the most joy working with clients who are doing exciting things in this space. Our planet is our most precious resource and companies who are working to create positive change are doing some of the most important work out there. 

Favorite quote:

My favorite quote is from William Shakespeare's play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”: “Though she be but little, she is fierce.“ 

The character Hermia is full of untapped strength, fighting for herself while remaining kind and gentle to those around her. This really resonates with me and the way I try to stand up for myself and others.