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C areers

C areers

People are our biggest asset.

Incredible people working together to get big sh*t done: Welcome to BAM. Check out our film from our 2023 retreat in Napa below to see if we’re your kind of people. 

Are you sounding like our next culture add at BAM? We can’t wait to meet you. Drop us a line.


Becoming the best person possible while at BAM and beyond is one of our top focuses. Here’s a list of a few perks we offer in 2023 that go beyond the basic ones we already cover:

  • Coaching: Pick your executive coach and join our “peer pod” group coaching with our in-house certified coaches 

  • 4 Day Work Week: Work Monday through Thursday

  • Client bonuses: Our contracts have client bonuses that let you get rewarded for knocking it out of the park

  • Money club: One-on-one time with our Money Coach so you can count and keep your dollars

  • College tuition reimbursement: You pay down your debt, we’ll help, too

  • Therapy reimbursement: Pick your therapist, and we’ll pay for it

  • Paid sabbaticals: Long-time BAMfs get 6 weeks to refresh. We’ve have a number of BAMfs who have been here for 5-10+ years.

  • 6-month paid parent leave: Any gender for any parent, doesn’t matter

  • All the usual stuff: Full health, dental, vision insurance, and 401K matching 

  • Monthly joy stipend: Spend it on massages, poetry classes, whatever gives you joy

  • Supportive Santa: Like secret Santa but a year-round way to support and delight your fellow BAMfs

  • Two paid company-wide vacation weeks: BAM is closed Christmas Eve to the day after New Year's Day, and the week of July 4th, so our BAMfs can rest