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Webinar Recording: Recruiting 101 for Startups

In our January 2023 Human Comms webinar, we sat down with BAM's People team leaders, Jill Veglahn and Nichole Mendez, to discuss what startups need to know about hiring and recruiting in 2023. Missed the event? Get access to the recording below.

Meet the Speakers

Nichole Mendez

Nichole Mendez is Director of Talent Acquisition at BAM. As Director, she focuses heavily on strategy, management, leadership, increasing stakeholder engagement, and continuing to shape BAM’s culture and DEI strategy. Nichole also oversees talent acquisition and company partnerships.

Jill Veglahn

Jill Veglahn is BAM’s Head of People. Jill joined BAM in 2017, bringing her 10+ years of operations experience with a background in criminal law. Jill is responsible for employee experience, team growth, maintaining company culture, organizational effectiveness, rewards, people development and diversity, equity and inclusion. In her 5+ years as BAM’s head of people, her human-centered philosophies have contributed to BAM’s rapid growth and highly regarded culture. 

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What is Human Comms?

In BAM's Human Comms webinars, we sit down with BAM's People team, Jill Veglahn and Nichole Mendez, to answer the burning HR, hiring, and people-focused questions you're afraid to ask. 

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