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Webinar Recording: PR Bootcamp How to Pitch Funding

In our March 2023 PR Bootcamp webinar, we sat down with BAM's PR pros, Lauren Grassetti, Laura Nickel and Amanda Mieczkowski to explore the strategy behind successfully pitching funding news. Missed the event? Get access to the recording below.

Meet the Speakers

Lauren Grassetti

Lauren Grassetti is an Executive Vice President at BAM. She leads BAM’s account servicing team to ensure its PR programs create a meaningful return.

Laura Nickel

Laura Nickel has over 15 years of experience working in all areas of public relations and communications, including marketing, social media management, crisis and reputation management, and media training.

Amanda Mieczkowski

Amanda Mieczkowski is a Senior Account Manager at BAM. In her role, Amanda is the account lead responsible for overall account management,  developing and executing comprehensive media strategies, and providing strategic counsel to both internal and external teams.

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What is BAM's PR Bootcamp?

In BAM's Pr Bootcamp webinars, we sit down with BAM's PR experts, including our Executive Vice President, Lauren Grassetti, to answer your burning PR questions that you're afraid to ask. 

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