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Webinar Recording: How to Create Content to Support Your Media Relations Program

In our April 2023 PR Bootcamp webinar, we sat down with BAM's PR pros, Sarah Pekala and Brenda Manea, to discuss how to create a content strategy, choosing the best platform for your content (like trades, top-tier publications, or LinkedIn), the ins and outs of sponsored content, and useful tips for writing top-notch bylines in 2023. Missed the event? Get access to the recording below.

Meet the Speakers

Sarah Pekala

Sarah is a Senior Account Director on the Marketing team at BAM. She advises B2B and B2C startups and venture funds on marketing strategy, focusing on media messaging and thought leadership content strategy.

Brenda Manea

Brenda Manea is a Senior Account Director at BAM. A storyteller and a story-seeker, she has spent the last decade of her career helping tech companies ranging from early-stage startups to post-IPO unicorns perfect their narrative, build relationships with influential journalists, establish themselves as thought leaders, and build up their brand awareness by landing a place in powerful stories that make a lasting and measurable impact for their business.

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