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Want to be a Thought Leader? We’ll show you how.

In our July 2022 Thought Leadership webinar, BAM's Maria Vetter and Brenda Manea shared a framework for developing your own thought leadership strategy. This free, 60-minute webinar is perfect for founders, executives, and others who are interested in becoming a thought leader and don't know where to start.

Meet the Speakers

Maria Vetter

Maria Vetter is an Account Director of Strategy on BAM's marketing account servicing team. Maria is a strong business development professional with a diverse strategic background including experience in digital, creative, content, communications, and social strategy for client such as Bank of America, PUMA, and CVS.

Brenda Manea

Brenda is an Account Director on the PR account servicing team at BAM. She puts together campaign strategies, ideates and edits purposeful content, lands dynamic press hits, and provides counsel to help her teams to execute top-notch campaigns. Brenda’s expertise spans B2B and B2C technology sectors such as finance, healthcare, security (physical and cyber), entertainment, construction, retail, and personal tech.

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What is Ask Media Anything?

In BAM's Ask Media Anything webinars, we sit down with 3-5 journalists to ask them the burning PR, media, and pitching questions that you're afraid to ask. 

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