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Webinar: Ask Media Anything
(AMA): Sustainability & Climate Tech

In our March 2023 Ask Media Anything webinar, we sat down with three journalists to discuss what's happening in the climate tech and sustainability space today. Missed the event? Register to access the full recording!

Meet the Journalists

Megan Hernbroth

Megan Hernbroth covers climate tech and clean energy for Axios Pro. She typically focuses on VC deals and later-stage financing.

Jason Abbruzzese

Jason Abbruzzese is the senior editor of technology, science and climate for NBC News Digital.

Catherine Boudreau

Catherine Boudreau is a senior sustainability reporter at Insider. She previously spent six years at POLITICO and helped them launch the company's first sustainability beat focused on corporate accountability on environmental and social issues. 

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What is Ask Media Anything?

In BAM's Ask Media Anything webinars, we sit down with 3-5 journalists to ask them the burning PR, media, and pitching questions you're afraid to ask. 

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