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101 Latinx Leaders in Tech

BAM's Lessons from Dandapani: Unveiling the Power of Purpose

Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” – Cesar Chavez

BAM celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by appreciating 101 Latinx Leaders in tech. According to the 2020 Census Bureau, the Hispanic population grew 23% since 2010, making up 18.5% of the US population at 62.1 million in 2020. Despite this fact, Hispanic and Latinx founders and VCs are underappreciated in the tech industry making up only 8% of tech employees. With this list, BAM wants to acknowledge the accomplishments and achievements of various Hispanic and Latinx leaders within our industry. These Latinx leaders have not been listed by priority because they are all important to our community. BAM stands in solidarity with and celebrates diverse communities. Our goal is to hear, share, and celebrate stories less told. 

Don't see your favorite Latinx leaders? Please contact us and share your thoughts.

Miriam Rivera

1. Miriam Rivera is the co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures, a seed-stage venture firm focused on enterprise IT in the Stanford and Silicon Valley communities. Prior to Ulu Ventures, Miriam was vice president and deputy general counsel at Google, which she joined in 2001 as the second attorney. She is currently a board member of Kauffman Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in the United States focused on advancing opportunities in education and entrepreneurship for Americans. Miriam is dedicated to increasing diversity in both the entrepreneurial and investment communities.

Mario Ruiz

2. Mario Ruiz is an early-stage fintech and commerce investor at Infinity Ventures. Prior to co-founding Infinity Ventures, Mario was a venture investor at PayPal Ventures and Dorm Room Fund, and a growth equity investor at Napier Park Global Capital.  Mario is the former co-chair of the Junior Leadership Board for the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), which helps further the mission of the SEO Scholars educational program while also developing professionals into future non-profit board leaders. He is an alumnus of SEO’s Career and Alternative Investments Fellowship Programs. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Mario received his BBA from Baruch College and his MBA from the Yale School of Management.

Lisa Morales

3. Lisa Morales-Hellebo is the co-founder of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, an organization that is changing how supply chain professionals learn about, collaborate, and adopt supply chain innovation around the world. She is also a co-founder and general partner of REFASHIOND Ventures, a NYC-based, early-stage supply chain technology venture fund that invests in startups refashioning global supply chains. Lisa is an active advocate for organizations that help minorities gain access to opportunities for funding, championship, and growth. She serves on the Advisory Board of Puerto Rican accelerator, Parallel18; the luxury resale site, LePrix; and the Board of Directors for The Center for Advancing Innovation.

Iris Mejias4. Iris Mejias is a principal partner at PwC, where she’s worked for over twenty years. She started her career in Silicon Valley and has served a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller emerging growth companies. Her breadth of experience garners her the ability to provide insights around risk and controls, revenue and business process automation, and cloud technology risks. Iris is passionate about diversity and leads a local Latino Inclusion Network “LIN” which includes over 200 LatinX professionals across the West Coast. Iris holds an undergraduate degree in Operations Management Information Systems from Santa Clara University.

Rachel ten Brink5. Rachel ten Brink is an early-stage investor and advisor to several consumer-tech companies. She frequently writes and speaks about consumer technology, growth, influencer marketing, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and diversity. Previously, Rachel was a partner at Five Four Ventures, a VC and Start-up Studio in New York and San Francisco, and the co-founder and CMO of Scentbird, a Y-Combinator backed fragrance subscription service that raised $28M in venture funding. A native of Costa Rica, Rachel holds an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School and graduated magna cum laude from Babson College with a B.S. in International Business.

 Manny Medina6. Manny Medina is the CEO of Outreach, a sales engagement platform that accelerates growth by optimizing all customer interactions across email, voice and social, and leverages machine learning to guide reps to take the right actions. Manny previously led GroupTalent, Microsoft’s Windows phone business development team in Latin America and Canada. Prior to that, he engineered Amazon's compensation system for Amazon Associates and Web-Services which accounts for 15% of Amazon's traffic. Manny has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Maria Teresa Arnal7. Maria Teresa Arnal is the head of Latam at payments giant Stripe. She is also the president of the board of the Mexican chapter of the World Internet Project and Scholar of the Mexican Academy of Communications. She is a co-founder and member of the Academic Council of the Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet in Mexico. The institute promotes digital transformation at its sites in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, and Silicon Valley. In 2011, Arnal was named one of 50 most influential people in technology in Latam by the Hispanic Executive Technology Council.

Cecilia Retegui8. Cecilia Retegui is the chief executive officer at Zolvers, a company that leverages the power of technology to improve the lives of domestic workers in Latin America. The company connects previously screened home cleaning, plumbing, electrical and maintenance professionals through an app to thousands of customers across Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia. Retegui receives support from Endeavor, a nonprofit that aids high-impact entrepreneurs around the world.

Juan Carlos Gutierrez9. Juan Carlos Gutierrez is the head of solutions architecture and customer success for Latin America and the Caribbean at Amazon Web Services. Previously, he was the CEO and managing partner at rational7, where he lead Data, AI, IoT, and Cloud initiatives globally. Gutierrez also serves as a Board of Directors for the Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council (HITEC), a leading organization of Hispanic IT executives from around the world. 

 Victor Gureghian Baez10. Victor Gureghian Baez is the vice president of Global Cloud Channel Sales at Ingram Micro Cloud, the world’s largest cloud ecosystem. The premium cloud service provider tallies over 200 cloud-based services and 33% of the world’s top telecom providers within its ecosystem. Over the past 20+ years, Baez’s experience has spanned across leadership roles in sales, marketing, operations, and general management in the United States, APAC, Europe, and Latin America.

Isis Rodriguez11. Isis Rodriguez is the marketing lead at Erudit AI. Erudit AI helps executives and team leaders understand if employees are suffering from burnout or mental wellness issues and acts on frictions in the workplace before they have a chance to escalate. Rodríguez is committed to “helping companies make the workplace a more human place with the help of AI technology” and calls herself a “challenge-driven” marketing professional.

Courtney McColgan12. Courtney McColgan is the founder and CEO of Runa, an HR startup based in Mexico City. The cloud-based HR and payroll software solution is built specifically to support small to medium-sized businesses across Latin America. Previously, she worked as the chief marketing officer of Cabify, a ridesharing platform founded in 2011 in Madrid with operations across Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. McColgan holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from Stanford University.

Ester Borges Santos

13. Ester Borges Santos is a teacher and coordinator at Minas Programam, an organization that challenges gender stereotypes in the technology space. She’s also a researcher at Brazilian web governance and freedom of speech think-tank InternetLab. Santos says it is important for companies and society as a whole to invest in the STEM careers of young black girls. Borges and her Minas Programam colleagues recently received coverage in Forbes for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic to set up virtual study groups on gender, race, and technology.

Sergio Granada14. Sergio Granada is the chief technology officer at Talos Digital, an award-winning software development, digital experience, and e-commerce solutions firm that partners with agencies and other businesses to provide consulting and development for their software products. The company has worked with leading companies from the Fortune 500 including Pepsi, Shell, and Cisco Systems. Prior, Granada was a partner at JuanRegala.com and a senior developer at Spectrum Data Technologies.

Javier Andres Cardona Mora15. Javier Andres Cardona Mora is the co-founder and CEO of 1DOC3, an AI-assisted telemedicine platform that provides affordable access to doctors in seconds. The company recently partnered with Nequi, a financial services app from Bancolombia, to further streamline telemedicine services and payment options for Colombian patients. Mora has worked for Spanish telecoms giant Telefónica and Aldeamo, a digital marketing company. He holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Universidad Externado de Colombia.

Jimena Zubiria16. Jimena Zubiria is the vice president of people and communications at TheVentureCity, a leading accelerator that aims to help global-minded tech companies manage each phase of their growth journey. Zubiria worked in various roles at Google prior to joining TheVentureCity. She describes herself as an “experienced leader of tech-focused teams with a passion for building high-performing company cultures, skill development programs, and preparing workforces for jobs of the future.”

Victor Cortés

17. Victor Cortés is the Director of Content Marketing at Tribal Credit, a company providing access to modern financial tools for startups and SMEs across Latin America. The company recently won Juniper Research’s Best B2B Payment Platform Gold Award, part of the The Future Digital Awards 2020 for Fintech & Payments. Previously, Cortés was the editor and CEO of Contxto, a startup news organization covering technology, startups and venture capital in Latin America. Victor has an extensive background in startups and finance, having worked as an investment analyst at Redwood Ventures in Mexico.

Dolmarie Mendez18. Dolmarie Mendez is the CEO and co-founder of Abartys Health, a health tech company focused on centralizing healthcare data and improving healthcare processes for insurers, providers and patients. She is a certified healthcare reform specialist, self-insurance certified specialist, corporate wellness specialist and United States healthcare policy compliance officer. Under her leadership, Abartys Health was recognized as the winner of Parallel18’s Demo Day Investor’s Choice in 2017, SXSW Release It Competition in 2017, and the Rise of the Rest Competition 2018. Mendez was named one of Caribbean Business’ 40 Under 40 in 2015 and Caribbean Business Women Who Lead in 2016.

 Alfredo Yepez19. Alfredo Yepez is the Latin America Managing Director for Hewlett Packard Enterprise where he oversees development through execution of regional strategy for the legacy computing giant. He is an accomplished technology sales and operations leader with three decades of management experience at HP. Yepez holds numerous awards from the Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council, including being among the Most Influential Hispanic Leaders in Information Technology in 2019.

Cuco Vega20. Cuco Vega is the co-founder and CEO of Bexi, a smart platform for UX and UI design for companies that don’t have the resources to employ full-time design staff. With years of experience in design and engineering, Vega has built his career working for startups and design studios like TellTale Games, Cibo, Edelman and Organic as well as Silicon Valley companies such as Bio-Rad and Citrix. As a Mexican-American, he has been a proactive promotor of collaboration between Mexico’s main tech hub, Guadalajara and Silicon Valley.

Laura Mendoza

21. Laura Mendoza is the co-founder and CEO of Unima, a biotechnology firm in Mexico focused on the development of fast and low-cost diagnostic devices. Under the motto of “Diagnostics for everyone, anywhere”, its goal is to increase access to healthcare in underprivileged areas. Before helming Unima, Mendoza was in charge of operations planning at pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, where she helped launch a new line of products for the company.

Sebastian Vidal22. Sebastian Vidal is the Chief Innovation Officer at Puerto Rico’s Science, Technology and Research Trust, a public-private trust looking to transform the island into a technology hub. Vidal has a storied background in technology and startups. Having worked his way to become the Executive Director of Start-Up Chile, Latin America’s most iconic startup accelerator, in 2015 Vidal was recruited by the government of Puerto Rico to lead the island’s government-backed tech accelerator, Parallel18.

Sergio Ramos23. Sergio Ramos is the Editor in Chief of SocialGeek, one of the leading technology news publications for the Spanish-speaking world. Originally from Colombia, Ramos has cultivated a loyal readership of tech enthusiasts across Latin America, the United States, and Spain through his detailed product reviews and first looks at some of the coolest tech gadgets to hit the Latin American market, especially in the mobile phone space. He’s a regular contributor to leading general news outlets in Colombia such as El Colombiano, El Espectador, and more. The Colombian government has even tapped his expertise to teach social media safety to ex-combatants of the country’s half-century civil war as they reenter society.

Ariel Lopez24. Ariel Lopez is the CEO of Knac, a data-driven talent evaluation platform that provides recruiters with an efficient tool for screening applicants, managing their pipeline, and ensuring they do not miss out on great talent. She is a career coach, entrepreneur, and public speaker with expertise in digital media and technology. Lopez has almost a decade of recruiting experience and has worked with thousands of marketing, advertising, and tech professionals. She is passionate about the future of work and making the job search more humane.

Tania Cosentino

25. Tania Cosentino is the General Manager of Microsoft Brazil. Prior to joining Microsoft, she worked for 19 years at Schneider Electric, holding positions such as sales manager, sales director, business development director, and South America zone president. Last year, Cosentino made the ambitious claim that her country could increase its GDP by 7% if the country fully adopts artificial intelligence. Her goal is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

María Paz Gillet Martín 26. María Paz Gillet Martín is the co-founder of Jooycar, a leading auto-insurtech startup in Latin America. Martín has a strong digital background, having worked for two decades in the area of digital and e-business for leading companies in Chile. In 2010, she founded Happyshop, the first Latin American mobile shopping app which raised more than $6 million. Martín was named one of the 30 Most Successful Young Professionals by Diario Financiero and Entrepreneur of the Year by INCUBA UC in 2012. In 2013, she was named one of the 100 Female Leaders of the Year by Diario El Mercurio, Chile’s newspaper of record.

Evelyn Miralles27. Evelyn Miralles is a former NASA chief principal engineer and associate vice president at the University of Houston Clear Lake. She built a distinguished 26-year career at NASA’s Virtual Reality Laboratory at Johnson Space Center, receiving multiple awards including “BBC World 100 Inspirational Women.” Her virtual reality technologies have been used for operation and training of Astronauts for every space shuttle and International Space Station mission since 2000. Miralles grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, and has lived in the United States for 30 years.

 Guillermo Diaz Jr.28. Guillermo Diaz Jr. is the CEO of Kloudspot, an AI and IOT analytics platform that continuously identifies, predicts, and takes action in real-time to maximize opportunities for businesses. In his prior role as Chief Information Officer at Cisco, Diaz was responsible for information technology organization, strategy and services. Diaz is passionate about inclusion and diversity, evidenced by his sustained work in his own organizations, across Cisco and broadly in the community.

Álvaro Celis29. Álvaro Celis is the vice president of worldwide "device partner solution sales" at Microsoft, where he is responsible for leading the global sales and marketing teams that secure device sales built by global and local partners. He is a key leader in transforming Microsoft around cloud computing, mobility, big data, privacy, retail trends, OEM, and online channels. Celis has been at Microsoft for 28 years and is part of the company’s HOLA initiative, which seeks to create leadership and opportunities for Latinx individuals in the U.S. technology industry.

Roberto Medrano30. ​​Roberto Medrano is an executive in the technology fields of cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain, IoT, middleware, API security, microservices, DevOps, software, SaaS, cloud, SOA/API management, and enterprise architecture. He has been an executive at five public companies and on the board position of 14 that have been acquired. He has experience with Fortune 100 companies on digital transformation initiatives using mobile, SaaS, on-premises or cloud hybrid products. Roberto was selected as a participant in President Clinton's White House Security Summit on cybersecurity.

 ​​Victor Delgado31. ​​Victor Delgado is the director of Samsung’s global B2B alliances. His team develops new business opportunities and drives strategic partnerships to deliver the most innovative end-to-end mobility solutions. Delgado was the individual to reveal the Galaxy Z Fold2 folding phone to the world. He currently resides in South Korea. 

Nina Vaca32. Nina Vaca is the chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, a workforce solutions powerhouse that has been included in the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest-growing companies 13 times and was named fastest-growing women-led company by the Women Presidents’ Organization in both 2015 and 2018. Nina has received numerous awards and recognition for her business success, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and the Goldman Sachs Most Intriguing Entrepreneur award. In 2014, Nina was appointed by the White House as an inaugural member of the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) program. In 2016, she was inducted into the Minority Business Hall of Fame.

Lilian Rincón33. Lilian Rincón is a senior director of project management at Google. She has over 20 years of consumer internet experience and 15 years of management experience. In her role, Lilian is responsible for category-leading products in artificial intelligence, communications, search, advertising, and mobile. She has been recognized as a top 15 Power Women at Google by Insider in 2019, Top Women in Tech by Refinery29 in 2018, Top Power women by Marie Claire in 2017, and Top 20 Latinos in Tech by CNET in 2016.

Marcelo Claure34. Marcelo Claure is CEO of SoftBank Group International and COO of SoftBank Group Corporation. Claure previously served as Sprint's CEO and is credited with having "led a turnaround" at Sprint. Prior to joining Sprint, Claure founded the wireless services company Brightstar in 1997, which ranked as the largest Hispanic-owned business in the United States for six years. Claure is also involved in philanthropy and founded One Laptop Per Child and the 1Million Project Foundation, both of which provide computer access to students.

Kety Esquivel35. ​​Kety Esquivel is the principal and co-founder of Esquivel and McCarson Consulting, a firm providing leadership, diversity, sales, technology and social media solutions. Previously, she was the vice president of marketing and communications at AnitaB.org, a social enterprise that supports women in technical fields. She also was the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Ogilvy for two years. Esquivel is on the advisory board of Dream Corps TECH and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation's Innovation and Technology.

Ignacio Contreras36. Ignacio Contreras is the senior director at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., where he leads a product marketing team responsible for 5G wireless solutions. He joined Qualcomm in 2009 to support the expansion of 3G and 4G businesses. Prior to his current role, Contreras managed media and analyst communications in support of automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) businesses. Before joining the workforce, he earned a BS in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Engineering Sciences at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Diana Trujillo37. Diana Trujillo moved to the U.S. from Colombia without knowing any English looking to fulfill her childhood dream of working for NASA. She paid her way through college by cleaning houses and now is a NASA-JPL engineer and was a part of Mars 2020. Diana has worked for the Goddard Space Flight Center and Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Elizabeth Agosto 38. Elizabeth Agosto is the Global Chief Operating Officer in the Information Security Division at BNY Mellon and has worked in the Security and Risk Management field since 2002. In 2019, she was recognized as one out of 75 most influential latinas in the nation and is also recognized as one of 100 most influential leaders in technology in 2020-2021. Prior to her current position at BNY Mellon, Elizabeth worked at Barclays as a Chief Operating Office in IB Risk and eventually took on the role of Vice President of New Product Services.

Raul Alfonso39. Raul Alfonso is the Early Talent Success Partner for SAP with over 20 years of experience with the company. Prior to his current role, he was the Vice President of Innovation Services and Solution where he managed a team of Engagement managers.  Aside from his professional experience with SAP, Raul is also a Teacher at Centro Hispano Marista which is a school for Hispanic adults that want to prepare to obtain their GED certification.

Andres Angelani 40. Andres Angelani is the Chief Product Engineering Officer at Cognizant and was previously the CEO of Cognizant Softvision. Cognizant designs and engineers modern software that enables its customers to reimagine their business and harness the power of digital. Andres was a part of the Alliance of Chief Executives and Forbes Technology Council and held previous positions with Globant, Napse Global, and Sistemas Estratégicos. Before joining a company, Andres received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Universidad de Belgrano.

Hernán Asorey41. Hernán Asorey is a Chief Data Officer for Microsoft where he leads the applied Machine Learning Global team in engagements with top customers around the world. He is the Head of Board of Advisors for Klaviyo and a Board Advisor for Contentsquare. Prior to joining Microsoft, Hernan was with Salesforce for over six years as an EVP, Chief Data Officer. Hernan attended Universidad Tecnologica Nacional, where he received degrees that are equivalent to B.S. in Systems Engineering, M.S. in Applied Mathematics and was in the top 1% of his six-year program.

Jose Alvaro Avalos42. Jose Alvaro Avalos is the VP of Internet of Things Group and GM of the Visual Retail and Digital Signage Organization at Intel where he founded the digital signage business. He has over 30 years of experience with the company and is responsible for initiatives that have fueled the growth of this industry segment. He has represented Intel at SEMATECH, the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Digital Signage Association, and the Mexico’s IT industry Association, among others. Avalos serves on the board of the Digital Place Based Advertising Association.

Mariely Bandas-Franzetti43. Mariely Bandas-Franzetti is the digital services vice president at Dell where she leads a global team responsible for the systems enabling Dell to efficiently and effectively serve customers. Her team’s portfolio of software platforms includes customer relationship management, remote support, field services, supply chain, managed services, and configuration services solutions. Mariely is passionate about mentorship and giving back to her community through programs she sponsors, including the Empowering Women Leaders and Empowering Diverse Leaders. She also serves on the leadership board of Dell’s Hispanic Employee Resource Group, Latino Connection.

Carolina Barcenas44. Carolina Barcenas is the senior vice president of research at Visa, where she collaborates closely with Visa’s product and business teams to create new capabilities that harness the latest research breakthroughs. She has worked both in industry and academia and has more than 20 years of experience designing predictive analytical solutions in fintech. Prior to joining Visa, Ms. Barcenas spent seven years at PayPal where she was responsible for risk management for small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers. Ms. Barcenas holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology as a Fulbright Scholar.

Ricardo Bartra45. Ricardo Bartra is the senior vice president and chief information officer at The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. He is responsible for leading the Information Technology & DMO teams globally and brings a track record of establishing enterprise-level technology, security architecture, and IT governance to enable company growth. Previously, he has held executive-level positions at DHL, GlaxoSmithKline, and Philips. Bartra has been named one of the “Most Influential Hispanics in Technology” in 2011 by the Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology magazine and currently sits on the Executive Board of the HITEC Foundation.

Ivan Berg46. Ivan Berg is the vice president of Verizon where he leads Verizon's global wireline wholesale operations including customer ordering for access and local services, provisioning and maintenance, as well as voice product operations and wholesale systems transformation. Berg has been at Verizon for 19 years, starting as an intern. Ivan completed his undergraduate study at the City College of New York, double majoring in Business Administration & Economics with a specialization in Corporate Finance.

Craig Bernero47. Craig Bernero is the senior vice president and general manager for Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell. His team is responsible for delivering next-generation, current-generation, and legacy storage technologies. Bernero manages a global organization of 2,000+ brands accountable for Dell’s storage technologies. Craig has over 20 years of experience in high technology, the last 15 being with Dell in a variety of leadership roles including pre-sales, operations, business development, services, and manufacturing. Craig graduated with an MBA with dual specialization in International Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Northeastern University, and a Bachelor in Science, in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University.

Jorge Blanco48. Jorge Blanco is the executive vice president and chief product officer at Altus Group where he is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of the company’s product strategy and roadmap, including building out new revenue streams and defining the long-term product strategy in data-driven solutions. Jorge has over 25 years of global experience in leading strategic marketing and product management functions across a number of industries, including analytics and business consulting. Prior to joining the Altus Group, Blanco led solution management for KPMG’s expansion into the on demand services market.

Ernesto Boada49. Ernesto Boada is the Global Head of Product Engineering at Western Union and has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in digital product engineering and strategic technology planning. He has modernized and expanded digital products and cloud migration at Western Union and is currently focusing on the digitalization of retail business. Prior to his time at Western Union, Ernesto led an engineering team at Intuit with a focus on creating new ways of interaction for Intuit support through video co-browsing, scheduling, and real-time assistance. Ernesto has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Universidad de los Andes and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from George Washington University.

Dulce Borjas50. Dulce Borjas is the vice president and chief information officer at ENGIE, an electric utility company that designs, builds and manages high-performing sustainability programs using advanced technology and intelligent integrations. Borjas has been at ENGIE for 18 years, having been a senior IT director prior to her executive position. Dulce was recognized as a Global Finalist by the 2020 Houston CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards for her outstanding leadership, management effectiveness, and business value created through technology innovation.

Piedad Burnside51. Piedad Burnside is a senior vice president at Bank of America. In her role, she leads global IT teams in building technology solutions from the ground up and drives innovative technology solutions that advance business and generate millions in cost savings. Specifically, Burnside led the development of mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices that received the American Financial Technology Award for Best Mobile Strategy. Prior to her current role, Burnside worked at Merrill Lynch for 13 years. She received her M.S. in Information Systems from Pace University.

Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca52. Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca is the CEO and founder of DREAMers Roadmap, a scholarship app that helps undocumented students overcome barriers to higher education. Sarahi was a Champion of Change at the White House in 2014, has received 2 House of Representatives Awards, was named in Forbes 30 under 30 of 2016, and most recently on 100 most powerful women in Forbes Mexico 2017. A former undocumented student who once had to drop out of school to support her family, Sarahi’s personal experience informs her unwavering vision: to help hundreds of thousands of students eliminate the barriers to success and achieve their full potential.

Brittany Chavez53. Brittany Chavez is the founder and CEO of Shop Latinx, the first online marketplace for Latinx vendors. Chavez created the marketplace in 2016 after realizing there was no specific group amplifying the work of Latinx small business owners. Dubbed the next Etsy, the platform now showcases more than 900 Latinx brands and entrepreneurs waiting to be discovered. Chavez advises other entrepreneurs to get comfortable being uncomfortable, as the process requires lots of learning and growth.

Karla Monterroso54. As the CEO of CODE2040, Karla Monterroso founded the organization to equip the Black and Latinx communities, and their allies, with the tools needed to dismantle the structural barriers in the technology sector. She steered the organization’s shift from a pipeline organization to an organization committed to dismantling the structural barriers to entry, retention, and promotion of Black and Latinx people in tech. She is currently a board member for Alluma, a tech non-profit enabling the creation of pivotal technology necessary to build a path out of poverty.

David Silva Ossa

55. David Silva Ossa is the co-founder of Techqueria and a senior front-end engineer at Slingshot Health. Techqueria is a nonprofit that serves the largest global community of Latinx professionals in tech, where people at all levels can connect and network as they build their careers. David organizes monthly events for members, moderates online communities and creates relations with partners and sponsors. David’s background in web development includes co-founding CodeCorgi and engineering at Diamond and Doctor on Demand.

Ana Arriola56. Ana Arriola is a Latinx woman of trans and non-binary experience. She is currently the Director of Product Design, AI & Insights, Cloud + AI at Microsoft. Previously, she led teams at Microsoft, Apple, Playstation, Samsung, and Adobe. Ana focuses on human-centered product design and product management, with every experience crafted as it should be - Human. Simple. Authentic. Ana was also included in our 101 LGBTQIA+ in Tech, Business & Storytelling.

Jimena Almendares57. Jimena Almendares is a Product Executive at Facebook. She has 19 years of experience leading teams at public companies and startups, from serving as the Vice President of Global Expansion at Intuit to the Chief Product Officer at OkCupid where she helped lead them through IPO. She has worked in 16 countries and led teams across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Jimena received an MBA from MIT, and an MA and a BA from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. She has been awarded the 2020 Fast Company Queer 50, 2019 Silicon Valley Business Journal Latino Leadership Award and the 2019 Expansión/CNN Magazine Mexico 30 Under 40.

Jesse Martínez58. Jesse Martínez is the founder of Latino Startup Alliance, an organization with goals to encourage the inspiration and cultivation of Latino led startup technology ventures by providing a strong support network of fellow Latino entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and business owners. Jesse is a 4x founder and an honored member of the Top 50 US Latinx Tech Leaders group, a source of knowledge-sharing and a connector to some of the most successful founders, VCs and influential leaders in the world. Jesse is also a venture partner at ​​VamosVentures, a newly closed Latinx $50M seed fund for Latinx/diverse tech entrepreneurs.

Jocelyn De Leon59. Jocelyn De Leon founded Hire Women Agency upon realizing that brown women are tremendously underrepresented in the media - even though they account for the majority of new businesses in recent years. Her mission is to help these women grow their brands. Jocelyn hosts workshops about limiting beliefs, money mindset, how the subconscious mind works and how to use it to one’s advantage. She is also the founder of Sol y Luna Publishing, a publishing company with “the purpose of creating books that inspire us to be more intentional with the words we speak.”

Beatriz Acevedo60. Beatriz Acevedo is the co-founder and president of Mitu, a tech-driven media brand that lends a voice to the millennial Latinx community through relatable content. Under her leadership, Mitu raised $50M in funding, led by some of the most successful venture capital groups in California. The mentorship initiatives that she created through her Accelerator Program have also provided invaluable access to the next generation of multicultural storytellers. Prior to founding media brands, Beatriz worked as a radio and television host, where she won three Emmys, an MTV Music Video award and more.

Lisa Feria61. Lisa Feria is the CEO of Stray Dog Capital, a mission-driven venture capital firm that drives alternatives to the use of animals in the supply chain through investments, expertise and support. She is a seasoned business manager with over 15 years of experience running organizations and businesses. She has worked with blue chip companies such as Procter & Gamble and General Mills and on businesses ranging from $350 M to $2.5 B. Lisa has an MBA from the University of Chicago where she was voted “one of the 25 most influential MBA students” and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Carolina Huaranca Mendoza62. Carolina Huaranca Mendoza is a Scout for Lightspeed Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley venture fund. She has 15 + years of experience in the tech industry and is on the Board of Directors of Latinas in Tech. She was previously the Principle at Kapor Capital.

Luz Rivas63. An electrical engineer by trade, Luz Rivas founded DIY (Do It Yourself) Girls, a nonprofit that offers after-school and summer programs to girls through hands-on STEM experiences. Its mission is to increase women and girls’ interest in technology and engineering by providing hands-on educational experiences designed to promote exploration, self-confidence, and aspiration. Luz is also an assembly member of the 39th district in California, where she advocates to increase girls’ interest in tech and engineering.

Ramona Ortega64. Ramona Ortega is the founder of My Money, My Future, an online financial planning platform that offers tools, products, and expert advice aimed at the Latinx community to help create wealth. Ramona is one of few Latinx women in fintech and part of a growing number of women looking to diversify the financial industry and democratize investing. Prior to founding MMMF, Ramona was a Wall Street attorney and worked on complex securities litigation and corporate matters in private practice and at the SEC and U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Ramona was named one of 2020's Most Notable Women in Financial Advice by Crain's Business.

Cecilia Corral65. Cecilia Corral is the co-founder of CareMessage, a startup that uses text messages to help members of underserved communities manage chronic diseases. At CareMessage, she builds teams where diversity and inclusion are prioritized and nurtures that environment to build innovative products for the underserved. Born and raised in a low-income immigrant household, she received an engineering degree from Stanford University. Outside of work, she advocates for the inclusion of Latinas in tech and regularly collects data on Latina founders.

Rocio MedinaGretel Perera

66. Gretel Perera and Rocio Medina dreamed of a group where Latinas could connect, learn, and support each other professionally. They co-founded Latinas in Technology (LiT): a non-profit organization of 2,000 Latina women, and growing, from over 12 countries who work in over 30 top tech companies. The organization focuses on 3 key pillars: professional development, recruiting and mentorship, with goals to create a tech industry where Latinas are well-represented throughout all levels of the ecosystem by empowering them to be innovators and leaders.

Geny Caballero67. Geny Caballero is the vice president of innovation services and solutions at SAP America. She has extensive background in digital transformation, Commerce, Cloud, and big data for pharma, oil and gas, consumer packaged goods and agricultural industries. In her role as vice president, Geny established the cloud application business, commercial model and grew it to $50M globally in the first year. She has been at SAP for 20 years and began shortly after receiving her MBA from Eastern University.

 unnamed (26)68. Rubén Caballero is the Corporate Vice President of Engineering at Microsoft. Rubén is part of Microsoft’s mixed reality and AI division and works on the HoloLens as well as other special projects. Prior to joining Microsoft, ​​Caballero served as a VP of engineering at Apple from 2005 to 2019 and led the company’s wireless technology development. His team of engineers built the antennas inside iPhones, iPads and Macs and he oversaw Apple’s wireless testing labs around the world.

Timothy Campos69. Timothy Campos is the CEO at Woven, a calendar tool that helps increase productivity, saving users over 10 million minutes total. Woven has since been purchased by Slack and will be an integrated tool. Timothy is also a corporate director at Rackspace and Viavi, a cloud solution and telecommunications company respectively. Previously, he was Apple’s chief information officer and streamlined functions that served employees, sales, and Facebook as an enterprise, such as finance, human resources, and security. Timothy has an MBA from UC Berkeley and Columbia Business School.

Dr. David Castillo70. Dr. David Castillo is the Managing Director of OmniAI Ecosystem at JPMorgan Chase & Co where he is responsible for driving strategy, implementation, and firm-wide adoption. Prior to working at JPMorgan, Castillo was the managing vice president for the Center for Machine Learning at Capital One. He is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Computer Science and Computer Information Systems at the University of Maryland, teaching artificial intelligence and machine learning. Castillo received his PhD in engineering from the University of Central Florida.

Pablo Cella71. Pablo Cella has spent the last fifteen years rising through the ranks at telecommunications and software company Amdocs to become regional vice president and customer business executive. Before Amdocs, this Argentinian’s journey was impressive: his resume includes worldwide consulting work and executive account management positions for various organizations, like AT&T, Telstra in Australia, América Móvil group, and most recently Comcast. Recently, he was listed as one of the Top 100 Influential and Notable Hispanic Executives in the USA in 2020 by the Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council.

Jesse Chavez72. Jesse Chavez is the vice president of WW Partner Programs and Operations at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In this role, he is responsible for driving the channel and alliance strategy as well as optimizing HP’s partnering model and tool set. Chavez has more than 25 years of experience in sales and management, new market and channel development, and strategic planning. Most recently, he was vice president of Worldwide Systems Channel at Oracle Corporation, where he was responsible for overseeing the Oracle/Sun Channel integration. Chavez holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, Calif.

Ana Corrales73. Ana Corrales is the chief operating officer for Google’s consumer hardware business and oversees the Google Store. In addition, Corrales serves on the board of directors for Watermark, an organization of women executives centered on the tech industry of Silicon Valley. She has been recognized by Forbes as one of the 50 Most Powerful Latinas in Business, as one of the Most Influential Women in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times, and as a Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology by the National Diversity Council. Corrales has a bachelor’s in economics from University of Washington and a master’s in engineering from Stanford University.

Alexander Torrenegra & Tania Zapata74. Alexander Torrenegra and his wife Tania Zapata are the co-founders of Voice123. Tania was born in Bogota, and she migrated to the United States after completing her secondary education. In 2003, with her husband Alex Torrenegra, they invested in creating Voice123, the first voice over marketplace in the world. Voice123 quickly became the industry leader and has provided professional voice overs for companies such as Pixar, Spotify, MTV, Pandora, Zynga, History Channel, and Warner Brothers. Thanks to the success enjoyed with Voice123, Tania and Alex decided to launch other services in different industries and invest in other Latin American entrepreneurs.

Charlie Ortiz75. Charlie Ortiz is the area manager of Collaborative and Conversational Systems at PARC, a Xerox Company. PARC is a research and development company that specializes in AI, novel printing, HMI, digital workplace, IoT, and more. Formerly, Ortiz was the director of Nuance Communications, a company developing next-generation AI technologies for conversational personal assistants, including Siri. He is active in the research community with approximately 50 peer-reviewed publications, review committee participation, and ongoing collaborations with academia.

Andreas Raptopoulos76. Andreas Raptopoulos is the founder and CEO of Matternet, a technology platform for urban aerial delivery. In March 2019, Matternet and UPS announced a partnership to implement drone delivery services at US hospitals and launched the first ongoing revenue drone delivery operation in US history at Wakemed in North Carolina. Andreas holds several US and international patents, was a speaker at TEDx Global, a participant of the World Economic Forum in Davos, and is a member of WEF’s Global Drones and Aerial Mobility Council. Andreas holds a master’s in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics from the University of Patras and is a Royal College of Art graduate in Design.amb-700x385

Javier Soltero77. Javier Soltero is a Puerto Rican entrepreneur and current general manager and vice president of Google Workspace. Previously, he was the corporate vice president advisor to Rajesh Jha at Microsoft. He also co-founded Acompli, a company that built email mobile applications and raised $7.3 million in venture capital financing. Acompli was acquired by Microsoft for $200 million in 2014 and is now Outlook Mobile. Soltero received a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Katty Coulson78. Katty Coulson is the vice president of information technology at Oracle NetSuite where she’s accountable for a variety of IT services that enable business processes and employee productivity. Coulson worked at Cisco for 13 years prior to joining Oracle and left as the IT Director for Latin America. In 2012, she was awarded “Cisco IT Manager of the Year.” Coulson is also a board member at the bay area Ronald McDonald House to help families with critically ill and underserved children access the best medical care.

Christina Cuarón79. Christina Cuarón is the chief operating officer of technology infrastructure at Bank of America. She has over 20 years of experience in business operations, strategy, change initiatives, risk and compliance, governance, quality assurance, and financial management in a global banking institution. Cuarón is also part of the Hispanic IT Executive Council, a premier global executive leadership organization of senior business and technology executives.

Virgen Barnet80. Virgen Barnet is a co-founder and creative director of Come Through, a ​​full-service creative agency and collective centered around collaborating with and uplifting BIPOC creators. Virgen’s professional background is in graphic and website design, and her passion is creative direction and curating memorable experiences for creative communities both on and off the interwebs. She’s an advocate for STEM and tech learning opportunities for young women of color.

Max Cuellar81. Max Cuellar is the chief data officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Max has been at HP for the past seven years, and in his most recent role, he is responsible for SaaS data architecture, data strategy, cloud services, and data/insight culture. He has extensive international experience, both in business and personally, having been born in Mexico and educated in both Mexico and the U.S. Cuellar is also a board member at Sage Publishing, a global academic publisher of books, journals, and a growing suite of library products and services.

Raúl Lomeli-Azoubel82. Raúl Lomeli-Azoubel is the co-founder, chairman and chief community officer at Welcome Technologies, a venture-funded mobile tech platform helping immigrant communities connect to opportunity, products and services they need to succeed in a new country. The platform is currently focused on the U.S. Hispanic community, the largest immigrant community in the world. Prior to launching Welcome Tech, Raúl was the vice president of diverse growth segments at Wells Fargo. He is the proud son of migrant farmworkers and labored the fields in the San Joaquin Valley the summers of his youth through his first year of college.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 10.49.28 PM83.Maria (Lopez) Twena is the EVP of Brand & Marketing at Welcome Tech. She is an award-winning marketing executive with 25+ years of marketing experience across brand, agency and media groups. Maria is at the forefront of digital emergence with deep expertise in social media channels and with multicultural cohorts, including Latinx. She received her Master’s from the University of New Orleans with a thesis on marketing to the Latinx population.

Luis Martinez84. Luis Martinez is the founder and CEO of We Tha Plug, an organization advocating for tech and innovation entrepreneurship in Pan African, Latinx and other underrepresented communities. We Tha Plug helps founders access early-stage startup fundamental education, resources, community, mentorship, programming, and funding opportunities. Luis is an Afro-Latino from Honduras and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Over the past 12 years, Luis has used his M.B.A. in Organizational Leadership to work in the government civilian sector and as a consultant delivering keynote presentations, workshops and workforce development training.

Marisa S. Viveros85. Marisa S. Viveros is the Vice President of Strategy & Offerings at IBM. Her leadership and innovation traits displayed since early childhood describe Marisa's approach to all aspects of her work. Throughout her career, she has developed a great ability to act with a sense of urgency to identify gaps and translate some of the toughest challenges of emerging information technologies into opportunities for IBM. Marisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Universidad of Concepción in Chile and a Master’s degree in computer science from California State University, Northridge.

Bernardo Tavares86. Bernardo Tavares is a VP and Group CIO at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health where he’s responsible for strategy, planning and execution of the group's business technology direction. Bernardo brings 20+ years of experience in unifying business and technology to create a competitive advantage for global organizations. With work experience in North America, Europe, and Latin America, he’s well seasoned in leading global teams in consumer goods and technology companies.

Tony Sanchez87. Tony Sanchez is the managing director and chief cloud architect at Morgan Stanley. Sanchez has been at Morgan Stanley for the last nine years and was previously a director at Instinet, an institutional, agency-model broker providing research, trading, and data analytics solutions for institutional investors and securities traders. Tony has been recognized as one of HITEC’s most influential leaders in technology. He has a Bachelor’s in psychology from Binghamton University.

Ester Pena88. Ester Pena of Travelers is an accomplished technologist and values-driven business leader, with deep experience building and leading innovative products and technology organizations. They currently serve as the vice president of software engineering at Travelers, leading a technical organization building the customer-centric digital insurer of the future, and as a board member of Resilient Coders, a charitable organization working for equity in technology by enabling underserved youth with tech skills and job placement.

Leonardo Dionicio89. Leonardo Dionicio is the vice president of the technology foundation at Sun Life where he is responsible for driving innovation to advance Sun Life's U.S. technology footprint by supporting the company's technology products and digital assets. He also leads application maintenance and security as well as business continuity and disaster recovery for Sun Life. Leonardo joined Sun Life after working at  Travelers for 21 years, where he oversaw global networks and infrastructure security.

Marta Decatrel90. Marta Decatrel serves as the executive director of technology at Morgan Stanley, an American multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in New York, New York. She is the first woman in her family to pursue a position in STEM and has been advocating women in technology since she could remember. In an industry where the ratio from men to women still isn’t where she wants it to be, her willingness and passion for developing interest in technology in not only Latinas, but all women, has brought her many opportunities and success for over 25 years.

Rudy Valdez91. Rudy Valdez is a senior cloud technology leader with 30 years of experience leading business and technology development and growing successful teams. Valdez is a big picture thinker who is passionate about building a diverse pipeline of cloud talent to drive innovation. He also currently leads Amazon’s Solutions Architecture and Training & Certification organizations as VP, working with customers and partners to leverage the AWS Cloud to re-invent and grow their businesses.

Vinicius (Vinny) Silva92. Vinicius (Vinny) Silva is a managing director at Accenture and has over 20 years of experience helping clients to achieve outstanding business results through digital transformation. Vinny has unique experience in multiple industries such as: consumer goods, life sciences, electronics, industrial equipment, and automotive. Lastly, he aspires to help the world to be a better place to live and work by contributing energy for inclusion and diversity initiatives within and outside of his company.

Samara Mejia Hernandez93. Samara Mejia Hernandez is a co-founder of Chingona Ventures. Samara is actively involved in the Chicago tech community and passionate about helping underrepresented groups get into STEM education, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. She co-founded the Latinx Founders Collective organization to bring together Latinx founders, investors, and community leaders to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Samara is an active member of Latinx VCs, a San Francisco based group of experienced venture investors coming together to connect, engage, and foster the Latinx VC ecosystem.

Luis von Ahn94. Luis von Ahn is the CEO, co-founder, and board member of Duolingo. Luis von Ahn was born and raised in Guatemala, where he saw firsthand that high-quality educational opportunities were limited to those with money. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Duke University in 2000, von Ahn earned a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in 2005. His doctoral thesis introduced “human computation” (better known today as crowdsourcing), which became the foundation for his earlier work on CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, and Games With A Purpose.

David Cancel95. David Cancel is the co-founder and CEO of Drift, the world's leading conversational marketing and sales platform that helps businesses connect with customers who are ready to buy. After just two years in the market, the company has become one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies of all time and was named to the Forbes Cloud 100, LinkedIn Top 50 Startups, and Entrepreneur's Top Company Cultures. Cancel is also a mentor at Rough Draft Ventures, a student team that helps university students in their journey from creating ‘rough drafts’ to startup companies by investing at the earliest stage.

Katia Beauchamp96. Katia Beauchamp is the co-founder and CEO at Birchbox. When she founded the company in 2010, she changed the way the beauty industry interacted with consumers. With Birchbox, subscribers pay a small fee to receive monthly boxes of beauty samples of the industry’s latest products. The company now has more than 2.5 million active customers, 500 beauty and grooming brand partners, and operations in four countries. Katia holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.A. in International Studies & Economics from Vassar College. She has been honored with accolades including Advertising Age Women to Watch, CEW Achievers Award, Fortune 40 Under 40, Inc. 30 Under 30, Marie Claire’s New Guard, WWD Digital Innovator of the Year, and YMA Fashion’s Entrepreneur of the Year, among others.

Isaac Saldana97. Isaac Saldana is the founder and CEO of Joy Labs, a software company focused on inventing a new experience, enabling communications between everyone with trust and empowerment. As a serial entrepreneur, Isaac has previously founded Not Paul, an organization allowing fans to bid for tickets for unscheduled concerts, SendGrid, an organization to provide infrastructure for businesses to deliver, track, and scale email messages. The latter was acquired by Twilio for $3 billion in an all-stock deal in October 2018. Isaac has a B.S. in both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of California Riverside and an M.B.A. from MIT.

Jazmin Medina98. Jazmin Medina is a principal at NewView Capital and provides entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors with the freedom to drive continual innovation and sustainable growth. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Finance from Arizona State University, where she serves on the Next Generation Council to the ASU Foundation Board of Directors.

B99. Bertrand Sosa is the co-Founder and president of Rêv, a fintech company focused on next-generation payments services. Prior to co-founding Rêv, Bertrand founded NetSpend Corporation, a global leader in prepaid debit card products and services, and Empowerment Lab, a think tank of executives, entrepreneurs, and academics actively working to promote innovations that extend the reach of markets in developing countries. In 2004, Bertrand was awarded the regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for entrepreneurship accomplishments with NetSpend, and has been involved in various key non-profits and initiatives centered on developing entrepreneurship worldwide.

unnamed - 2021-09-07T101444.659100. Tom Chavez is the co-founder of super{set}, a startup studio that founds, funds, and builds technology startups. For more than twenty years, Tom’s professional focus has centered on using data, decision science, and AI to solve hard, interesting problems. Prior to forming super{set}, he was the CEO and co-founder of Krux, a martech platform acquired by Salesforce, and served as the CEO and co-founder Rapt, a provider of software for media monetization acquired by Microsoft. Tom founded the Chavez Family Foundation to honor his parents, which invests in non-profit projects at the intersection of education, immigration, and entrepreneurship.

unnamed - 2021-09-07T101614.023101. Elias Torres is the co-founder and CTO at Drift, a conversational marketing platform that combines chat, email, video, and automation to remove the friction from business buying. After just three years in the market, the company has become one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies of all-time and was named to the Forbes Cloud 100, LinkedIn Top 50 Startups, Entrepreneur's Top Company Cultures, Boston Business Journal's Best Places to Work, and SaaS Company of the Year by the NEVCA. Elias has a passion for starting, advising, and helping early-stage companies and believes that ideas don't build companies, but teams do.



BAM Webinars: Pivoting During Pandemic

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BAM Webinars: Pivoting During Pandemic

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


BAM Webinars: Pivoting During Pandemic

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